Pit Bull Elected Mayor...Actually Does Great Job

Back in January, a 3 year old rescue pit bull was elected the mayor of Rabbit Has, Kentucky and is doing a great job.

Brynneth Pawltrom, or Brynn for short, ran on a successful campaign of "peace, love and understanding" winning by over 3,300 votes.

Mayor Brynn is actually the fourth dog mayor in since the town began electing animal mayors in the 1990s.

One of her representatives says being in politics isn't just a day in the dog park for Brynn.

"She has managed to continue to raise money for the Rabbit Hash historical society to help maintain the historical correctness of Rabbit Hash, give proceeds from her campaign back to local animal rescues, and will be continuing to raise money for local charities in the area."

Brynn isn't working alone, her cabinet...(kennel?) is made up of two fellow canine ambassadors to help!

"Brynn has two fellow ambassadors that help her in times when her schedule may conflict, they are two dogs Bourbon, an Australian Shepard, and Lady Stone, a border collie."

Mayor Brynn's rep says Rabbit Hash residents love their new mayor and that Brynn is looking forward to connecting with other animal politicians.

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