Congratulations Los Angeles! You're #193 on Nation's Best Driver's List

Between the high-speed chases, tourists from out-of-town and just plain ol' bad drivers, Los Angeles can now brag about having some of the worst drivers in the nation. According to Allstate America's latest report on America's best drivers, Angelenos came in at #193, just barely squeaking by the Boston maniacs driving through the Big Dig. 

California didn't do very well on the report at all with more than 12 cities listed. The best California drivers are apparently found in Oxnard, which reached #79 on Allstate's list. Our nearby desert communities fared a bit better (perhaps getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city calmed them down?) with Palmdale ranking at 71 and Bakersfield hitting the #79 spot. Huntington Beach isn't doing too badly either, coming in at #86 on the list. 

If you're looking for a place where your commute doesn't put your life at risk on a daily basis, the best drivers in America can apparently be found in Kansas City, Kansas. Brownsville, Texas, came in second place, with Madison, Wisconsin, Huntsville, Alabama, and Cape Coral, Florida rounding out the top five. 

So your sneaking suspicion while rolling along Southern California freeways is correct - California does have the worst drivers. 

And we can't blame anyone but ourselves. 

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