CNN's Van Jones: Russia is a "nothing burger"

The latest video from Project Veritas shows CNN political commentator saying that "the whole Russia thing is just a big nothing burger."

This new footage comes right after  CNN Producer John Bonifield was caught on camera calling the Russia stories "bullsh*t."

Left-leaning Van Jones has gone after President Trump in the past over his "relationship" with Putin, so it's pretty interesting to hear him call it a "nothing burger."

Project Veritas notes one example of Jones going after Trump from December 18, 2016. Jones said:

"Other Presidents tried to say nice things about the Russians -- not in the face of an active attack on the country!"

CNN is a business after all. They need issues to get behind for ratings, and that's what this looks like. The people who work there don't really care about the Russia narrative, they just need numbers.

In the video of CNN producer John Bonfifield, you can hear him say about the "Russian meddling:"

"I mean, it's mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don't have any giant proof."

CNN responded with:

"CNN stands by our medical producer John Bonifield. Diversity of personal opinion is what makes CNN strong, we welcome it and embrace it."

CNN is a joke.

Click here to learn more at Project Veritas.

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