And The First Date Bill Goes To...?

Who pays for a first date nowadays? The man?  The woman?  The person who invited the other?  

No one knows.

This may seem a bit ridiculous to some people.  Oddly enough, that is kind of where the issue arises. 

There are so many different perspectives and so many different opinions on how the first date bill should be settled.

There's the traditional way.  The man pays for the entire date.  No questions asked.

There's the female empowerment way.  The woman pays for the bill.

You could go Dutch and split the bill.

Other people believe the bill is the responsibility of whoever invited the other person.

At this point, nobody knows what is supposed to happen, because not only does every person have their own opinion of what should happen, but they also aren't sure if they're going to upset their date by going against what they think should happen.

Many people have found ways to protect themselves from paying the bill.

Women have gone away from doing the courtesy reach, because men are often no longer denying the offer.

Tinesha Zandamela said, “If you reach, you could end up with the entire bill.  No one is going to stop you.”

Other people are just straight up walking out before the check arrives, saying that they need to use the restroom and that they will wait outside.

Even worse, some use dates as an opportunity to order an extra meal to eat at home later.

In today's dating world, what are people supposed to do?  Who pays?  Who offers?

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