Nevada Attorney General slams California's Sanctuary City stance

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Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt released a statement to Nevada Republican Party supporters blasting California's Sanctuary State stance last week.

On Friday he filed a brief in federal court looking to undo the April 25th stay that blocked President Trump's order blocking funds to sanctuary jurisdictions.

Laxalt said California has “[launched] a direct and outrageous assault” on Nevadans by promoting illegal aliens to run free and threaten the safety of his state:

"Because California is right next door, its sanctuary cities pose a genuine danger to Nevadans — particularly given those cities' refusal on some occasions to detain illegal aliens with violent criminal histories, releasing them instead into communities where they have no right to be.

The unlawful actions of these California cities cannot be allowed to stand. They pose a clear and direct threat to public safety here in Nevada, and that's why it was so important that my office take action on this crucial issue.”

He also praised Nevada lawmakers for not jumping on the Sanctuary State trend:

“Fortunately, Nevada policymakers — including legislators, sheriffs and municipal leaders — have wisely and consistently rejected this absurd and reckless approach."

We keep telling you how dangerous this "Sanctuary" idea is. Where has California's common sense gone?

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