Neighborhood houses to be used as homeless shelters

Credit: Getty Images

Today we talked with Russell Betts, a Council Member out in Desert Hot Springs. He tipped us off to something new going on regarding homelessness.

Governments are moving away from centralized homeless shelters are are moving to set up 90-day emergency houses in residential neighborhoods to take the homeless off the streets.

Palm Springs is set to get four houses scattered in residential neighborhoods throughout the city under this proposal. Cathedral City will also get four houses. If you live in those towns, you should know about this.

Houses will be rented from private landlords with 6 to 10 beds per house, and homeless residents can stay for no more than 90 days.

The Desert Hot Springs City Council voted to reject the proposal, including the requested $103,000 of funding for the program. Many residents who live in the city rejected the idea as well.

Most people probably aren't aware of this change in the way the homeless are housed. But pay attention and keep your eyes open, this may come to your town soon.

Listen to Russell Betts' interview below:

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