Don't Make These Summer Party Planning Mistakes

Just because it is Summer party time, it doesn't mean you have to make Summer party time mistakes.

Here's eight common mistakes to watch out for...

1) Location, location, location.  Not just the address, because that is clearly necessary, but also the location at the location.  Let people know if it is an outside grilling party or an indoor event.

2) Don't forget the neighbors.  That doesn't necessarily mean you have to invite them, even though that is a good move, but you should at least warn them about the upcoming noise.

3) Keep the music down.  Or just don't aim it at your neighbors' houses.

4) Mindful menu.  If you are eating outside, make sure your food is built for that.  Some items don't do well sitting out in the hot sun, and nobody wants to eat warm macaroni salad.

5) Be bug ready.  If the party goes into the night, bug spray may be needed to fend off any pesky uninvited friends.

6) Limit food availability.  Don't put everything out at once.  Like that macaroni salad.  Keep it behind until the burgers are ready.  Don't throw it out with the pretzels at the start because it will not hold up.

7) Bring the outdoors indoors.  Decorate like your party is outside.  Make it fun and summery.

8) Be playful.  Summer is all about hanging out and having fun, so make sure you capitalize on every opportunity.

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