Carl DeMaio reports: 85,000 Signatures Submitted in Gas and Car Tax Recall

From Carl DeMaio, at our sister station KOGO-AM in San Diego:

I've got exciting news for you! Today our coalition turned in nearly 85,000 signatures in the Recall of Sen. Josh Newman for his reckless decision to case the deciding vote in the car and gas tax hikes! That is 20,000 more signatures than we legally need!

I want to thank YOU for helping us get to this milestone so quickly.  We just sent an unmistakable message to Sacramento politicians: the people are rebelling against their higher taxes and demand immediate reversal or additional politicians will be thrown out in 2018.

While we can celebrate, we are NOT done. We will continue to collect signatures in the Recall effort, file a challenge to the illegal changes to the recall process recently made by Sacramento politicians, and prepare for the statewide initiative phase of the campaign.  

But for now let's celebrate this milestone!  Thank you so so much!


Carl DeMaio

Chairman - Reform California

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