CA Nurses Assn. angry over decision to shelve state-run healthcare

On Friday Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon decided to push aside a bill that would have established single-payer healthcare in California.

Supporters of the measure are very angry and upset over this, and they're accusing Rendon of blocking their effort to change the state's healthcare system.

California Nurses Association lead RoseAnn DeMoro is especially pissed. She's been out screaming about this bill for a while now, along with Sen. Ricardo "Cow Fart" Lara, and neither of them had a way to pay for it.

She tweeted:

People who supported single-payer have also filled Rendon's voicemail boxes, barked at him on social media, and canvassed his district to tell his constituents about what he did.

What a bunch of sore-loser bullies. The big powerful nurses union didn't get its way and common sense actually prevailed for once. And instead of taking a second look at their incredibly flawed plan, DeMoro and her goons shout and demand that state leaders bring the bill back.

Rendon said in an interview:

"Often we fine-tune a bill when it goes from one house to another through the committee process. This was so grotesquely beyond that. This was essentially a $400-billion proposal without a funding source. That's absolutely unprecedented...This was not a bill, this was a statement of principles.”

This version of state-run healthcare would have been a disaster for California. Taxes would have gone through the roof to finance costs for all Californians, regardless of immigration status.

Bonnie Castillo, associate executive director of the California Nurses Association, talked the the L.A. Times about Rendon's decision:

"This is such bad form. He did not even notify us, the sponsor of the bill, of what he was intending to do. I don't think he has protected anyone, and mostly he hasn't protected anyone in the state of California by denying them the opportunity to have comprehensive healthcare. Yes, it's hard. It takes leadership. Every other industrialized nation has been able to do this. It's not impossible.”

The single-payer nuts are not ready to give up yet. They've got rallies planned in Los Angeles and in Sacramento later this week where they'll try to persuade Rendon to change his mind.


Read more at the L.A. Times.

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