A Life Creating Comedy: David Mirkin

As a creator, writer, director and producer of television and film, Dave Mirkin has made quite an impact. He’s been behind some of the biggest television comedies both from the standpoint of audience and in terms of the impact on the culture of television comedy and entertainment.

From The Larry Sanders Show to The Simpsons and Newhart, Dave takes us through a bit of his world as it emerges through a robust career. He talks about his good friend Carrie Fisher and their adventure together on a cruise ship filled with the best and the brightest from the arts and technology.

J.Elvis Weinstein joins Mark for this conversation along with comedy writer, Laura House.

Mark starts the show with a 3 minute update from last week’s story on the police in L.A. and a community outreach young cadet program that has ended up in an arrest of an officer and cadets.

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