"Trollpikken" to be Erect Once Again

Norwegian joggers found a tourist attraction badly damaged in Eigersund, south of Stavanger.

The landmark, called Trollpikken is a popular sight among Norway's southwest coast, because as the name suggests it basically looks like a giant rock penis.

Leader in the effort to make the formation a popular tourist attraction, Kjetil Bentsen says that someone drilled holes into its base "and cut off the whole formation".

There were reports that metal bolts were found at the site, and Bentsen says there were other signs that clearly showed that someone wanted to destroy Trollpikken.

“This is terribly sad, and I’m appalled that someone could do something like this.” 

More than 500 people have donated almost 90,000 Norwegian kroner ($14,000) towards restoring the rock to its old glory.

Police are looking into who could have done this and say that the culprit could face a one-year prison sentence for a serious environmental crime.

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