Popular Dating App Used to Lure Men and Carjack Their Vehicles

Love and dating in Los Angeles has inspired dozens of romantic comedies. It doesn't take long for people to realize that dating in the City of Angels fall under one of two categories - 1) romantic possibilities, or 2) You might get carjacked. 

Sadly, it's the latter for one man in Moreno Valley after he used an online dating app to arrange a date. But instead of two people getting to know each other, a Moreno Valley man and a juvenile woman carjacked the would-be Romeo at gunpoint. 

And even worse? It happened more than once last week. 

Moreno Valley police say the man made arrangements for a date on a popular dating app from his cell phone and was confronted by a male and a female who carjacked him at gunpoint. 

"Eventually (the victim) was able to call police and provided a very detailed description which began our investigation and led us in a certain direction as to who we might be looking for," Riverside County deputy Mike Chavez said. 

The victim was able to provide officers with a description of the carjackers including various tattoos. Thanks to the detailed description, officers were able to identify the suspect as 21-year-old Christian Duran of Moreno Valley. 

Only a few hours later, a second person reported being carjacked and provided a similar description of the same suspect and an unidentified female. Officers conducted a search of the area, but were unable to find the vehicle or Duran. 

It was only after officers from the Moreno Valley Special Enforcement Team got a tip that they were able to locate Duran. SET officers responded to the location and were able to take Duran into custody. 

"Through various tracking and investigative techniques, officers we able to locate and arrest the female whom was determined to be a juvenile," a release from the RSO said. 

Duran and the juvenile female were arrested and taken to jail and Juvenile hall without incident. 

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