Poll says terrorism is driving Americans away from crowds

A recent Gallup poll reveals that 38% of U.S. adults say the threat of terrorism makes them less than willing to go to events where there are large crowds of people.

This is up form 27% in July 2011, which is the last time Gallup asked the question. It's also the highest level on record since Gallup started asking the question after 9/11.

This new poll was conducted from June 7-11 and comes after the horrible May 22 terrorist bombing in Manchester and the June 3 attack in crowded restaurants in London.

Americans are also afraid that it's very or somewhat likely that a terrorist attack will happen in within the next several weeks. That's up from 38% in August 2011 and 45% in June 2015.

More Republicans than Democrats say they're worried about they or a family member being a victim of terrorism, with Republicans at 57% and Democrats at 35%.

That means Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say they're less willing to go overseas, attend crowded events, fly, and go into skyscrapers.

Read more about the poll's results at Gallup.

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