It's Hot in Arizona...Like REALLY Hot

Summer is in full swing and the heat has been in record highs.

The southwest portion of the US has taken the most hits, and Phoenix, Arizona isn't escaping the heat. 

Phoenix has hit record-breaking temperatures of up to 120 degrees, causing fire crews to have to deal with a surge of heat emergencies.

The city has had to ground multiple flights and opened 47 cooling centers.

People can suffer death stroke when temps reach 110 degrees because the body has issues trying to cool itself down.

And while the people are suffering through the heat, it seems like nothing compared to the objects around the city.

Pictures have flooded in on social media of Phoenix residents' cars, gates and trash cans.

Anything that sat outside appears to have become a giant, melted plastic mess. 

Cars and sidewalks have become so hot, people have been successfully cooking eggs, pancakes and cookies on them.

And in another kitchen appearance, ovenmits are moonlighting as driving gloves.

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