LAPD's Cadet Program Now Includes Sex Scandal

An officer with the L.A.PD. has been arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old cadet, adding to the recent scandals surrounding the cadet program. 

Chief Charlie Beck says he made the arrest himself in South LA after the affair between officer Robert Cain and a 15-year-old cadet was discovered by investigators looking into the program. An investigation began after three cadets managed to allegedly get their hands on a pair of police cruisers leading police on two separate chases that ended in crashes. 

"It was during an analysis of her phone, and text messages were found that we thought could indicate inappropriate behavior," Beck said at a news conference announcing the arrest. 

Beck says the 15-year-old girl was among those who were arrested as part of that investigation. Police say Cain may have been exchanging sex for access to the equipment room. Cain had been responsible for running an equipment room tied to the stolen police supplies.

"We are looking at Cain's media and history to see if there may be other victims," Beck said. 

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