Josh Newman rejects pay what?

(Josh Newman at the California Democratic Convention in Sacramento, May 2017)

Sen. Josh Newman, in a dopey effort to make himself look good, announced yesterday that he would not accept the pay increase for State legislators scheduled to go in effect in December.

He sent letters to  State Controller Betty Yee and Senate Secretary Danny Alvarez that read:

Having been recently elected, and out of consideration of the challenges currently confronting so many hard-working Californians, I have decided to forego any increase in my own compensation in the coming year. I do appreciate the work of the Commission, and I don’t begrudge any of the hardworking members of California’s legislature, constitutional officers, or other civil servants any increase in compensation they may be due to receive as a result of the Commission’s recent action.  For my part, however, the current opportunity to serve is sufficient, and I respectfully decline any pay increase as part of the current cycle.”

Gee thanks, Josh. So you vote for the car and gas tax and now you're trying to get on people's good side by turning down a pay raise?

Seriously?! This means the recall effort is working and he's feeling the heat.

On Monday June 19th the California the California Citizens Compensation Commission approved a 3% pay increase for state lawmakers.

All 40 members of the Senate and 80 members of the Assembly are set to get their bonus in December.

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