Candyfloss Burritos and Rainbow Bagels

Every year, a major market pops up in Singapore in honor of the Muslim holy-month of Ramadan.

This time, besides the necessary gear for festivities; lights, clothes, carpets, etc. they are bringing in some more colorful foods.

Along side grilled meats, rich gravies, jellies and cakes, this market has things like rainbow bagels and candy floss burritos!

As Singapore continues to grow as a food lover's paradise, vendors are struggling to keep up with the competition.

By taking advantage of trends popular among millennials they say it'll drive sales through the roof.

Co-founder of Carnivori, a takeout and delivery service, Ahmed Zulkamal agrees.

"The market keeps getting more diverse, the offerings are more varied every year. People always want to try the 'in' thing." 

Other offerings available: milkshakes with blue-pink-purple swirls and a sparkly drink called Unicorn Tears that gives off a swirling glitter effect when shaken. Then there's Dragon's Breath, smoke-emitting cereal and biscuit balls that are doused in liquid nitrogen.

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