Road Rage Leads to Multi-Vehicle Crash

Just before 6am yesterday morning on the south 14 freeway in Newhall, a driver turned on his dash camera after seeing a gray sedan cut off a passing motorcyclist.

What happened next led to a multi-vehicle crash and the driver who caught it on video, turned the video over to the CHP.

According to NBC4:

The motorcyclist zooms up to the driver's side of the sedan and kicks the side of the vehicle.  The sedan veered left, pinching the biker to the center divider before it swerved and crashed into the wall, hitting and flipping a Chevy pickup truck over on its roof."

Here's the video:

The CHP says they are investigating the crash as a possible incident of road rage and a possible hit-and-run.  They are trying to track down the motorcycle rider.

CHP officer Josh Greengard told NBC4: 

"Obviously it was a road rage incident.  He was kicking the vehicle.  We have to get a statement and see what's going on."

Greengard says the man in the truck that overturned was treated at the hospital and is expected to be ok. 

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