Prince Philip: The Savage of England

Prince Philip is more than just the husband of Queen Elizabeth, he's actually quite the sass master.

In celebration of him coming home from the hospital, we thought we'd take a look at some of his more hilarious comments over the years:

"A few years ago, everybody was saying we must have more leisure, everyone's working too much. Now that everybody's got more leisure time they are complaining they are unemployed. People don't seem to make up their minds what they want."

Speaking to a group of deaf children standing near a Caribbean steel drum band:

"Deaf? If you're near there, no wonder you are deaf." 

Giving advice to a Caribbean rabbit breeder in Anguilla in 1994.

"Don't feed your rabbits pawpaw fruit – it acts as a contraceptive. Then again, it might not work on rabbits." 

To an elderly valet who made the mistake of not recognizing him at Cambridge University in 1997.

"You bloody silly fool!" 

To Aboriginal leader William Brin at the Aboriginal Cultural Park in Queensland, 2002.

"Do you still throw spears at each other?" 

 On being given a basket of southern goods by the American ambassador in London in 1999.

"Where's the Southern Comfort?"

To 14-year old George Barlow, who invited to the Queen to visit Romford, Essex, in 2003.

"Ah you're the one who wrote the letter. So you can write then? Ha, ha! Well done." 

Philip: "Who are you?"

Simon Kelner: "I'm the editor-in-chief of The Independent, Sir."

Philip: "What are you doing here?"

Kelner: "You invited me."

Philip: "Well, you didn't have to come!"

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