Nurse Brings Daughter's Commencement to Hospital Bound Father

When a father was hospital bound and couldn't attend his only daughter's high school graduation a nurse stepped in and brought the party to him.

Todd Hill was admitted to the intensive care unit at Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center almost a week before his daughter Aislinn was to walk the stage.

When his nurse, Denesha Bivens heard that he would end up missing the event, she decided to bring the commencement to him. 

“It just didn’t seem right that he wasn’t going to be present. I wanted him to be a part of it, and that he could have his own memory.”

Bivens spoke to the Valencia High School ASB director to get decorations for his room and had a surprise arranged for Aislinn when she walked across the stage.

She also brought in other doctors, nurses and other staff who have helped in his recovery to be a part of the hospital ceremony.

Hill says he had no idea of the surprise, but was suspicious as Bivens filled his room with blue and yellow decor.

“I knew my daughter was coming by to see me before graduation, but the extent that Denesha, the staff and Kaiser went to make it really special was amazing.” 

Aislinn says the care Bivens and the staff took for this surprise "warmed our hearts".

“The thought and care that she put into it, from playing of the graduation ceremony music, to the assembly of the entire staff, to the spread of celebratory treats, was beyond impressive. The most amazing part was the fact that she developed this idea on her own, instigated solely by her compassion and selflessness.”

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