How far left can CA's legislative Democrats go?

Credit: Getty Images

(Credit: Getty Images)

California is spiraling out of control with crazy ideas and policies. The gas tax, the idea of becoming a sanctuary state, the idea of single-payer health care, when did we swing so far to the left?

When will the pendulum finally swing back to the side of common sense?

"George Skelton from the L.A. Times wonders this too in his latest piece "How far left can California's legislative Democrats go before Republicans benefit at the ballot box?"

Democrats in the state Legislature are walking a tightrope, seemingly oblivious to potential danger.

First, they raised gas taxes and vehicle fees. Then the Senate passed a ridiculously costly universal healthcare plan. Now, the Legislature is getting close to helping undocumented criminals avoid deportation.

How far left can the majority party careen, even in deep blue California, before Republicans start benefiting at the ballot box?..."

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