Caught on Camera: Road Rage Incident in Santa Clarita

Dramatic video of a confrontation between a motorcyclist and the driver of a sedan on the 14 freeway has gone viral. The chain-reaction crash that sent one innocent person to the hospital is being investigated by authorities as a possible road rage incident. 

It start just before 6 a.m. on the southbound 14 Freeway near Newhall in Santa Clarita. The passenger who caught the incident on camera says he began recording after the gray sedan cut off a passing motorcyclist. 

That's when things began to get heated. 

In the video, the biker can be seen catching up to the sedan, and attempt to kick the side of the vehicle. The sedan veers left, pushing the the motorcyclist toward the center divider. Unfortunately for the driver of the gray sedan, he loses control, swerves and rebounds off the center divider back into traffic, hitting a white Chevy pickup Truck, causing it to flip over onto its roof. 

The video ends after one of the people in the car recording tell the other in a world-weary voice that they're stopping and calling 911. 

The motorcyclist continued on down the 14 Freeway. Officials are looking for the biker, and say they're investigating the crash as a possible hit-and-run road rage incident. 

The man in the Chevy truck was taken to the hospital where he is expected to recover according to the California Highway Patrol. 

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