Biometric Screening System Lands at LAX

Los Angeles International Airport is getting a new way to speed up the check in process for travelers.

The new platform, called CLEAR uses fingerprints or eye scans to identify passengers instead of asking for their driver's licenses, passports and/or boarding passes.

The service costs about $15 a month and travelers must sign up and enroll with CLEAR prior to actually arriving at the airport.

CLEAR Chief Administrative Officer, David Cohen says their process is more efficient than the standard check.

“In less than a second, we validate who you are; we validate your travel document, and you’re into the physical screening process” 

Cohen also assures users their information is safe.

"The integrity of our data, the biometrics of our customers ultimately is the integrity of our company. We take that very seriously.”

CLEAR plans to put kiosks in all LAX terminals and is also available at 22 U.S. airports and six stadiums.

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