Santa Cruz Doctor wanted to impregnate women and rape their offspring

Santa Cruz brain surgeon, James Kohut, and two nurses have been charged with molesting, raping and sodomizing several children between the ages of four and 13-years-old. The other two nurses,  Rashel Brandon and Emily Stephens are both in custody following the accusations. Kohut has reportedly confessed to women he's dated in the past that he wanted to impregnate them and have sex with their offspring. 

Kohut, Judge Samuel Stevens granted Kohut the right to seek bail, despite strong objections from prosecutors.  

Assistant District Attorney Steven Moore wrote in court documents:

"No bail is appropriate based on the heinous nature of the crimes, the amount of punishment he faces, his significant wealth, and the potential danger to other children." 

Moore also added:

“The current codefendants are not the only families he has molested. His sexual interests show no limits. He is sexually interested in both boys and girls. He is sexually interested in infants, pre-teens and adults. His sexual interests also show no geographic boundaries. Nor has it changed over time.”

The Santa Cruz County District Attorney's Office considers Kohut a risk to the community, a flight risk, and a suicide risk.

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