Personal Gas Delivery Service is Making its Way to LA

A new service to gas up your car at your workplace is launching in Los Angeles.

Yoshi is an app-based system that is meant to figure out how often you need to fill up your vehicle.

Membership costs $20 per month, and it's not a one-time payment and it requires four members per workplace.

CEO Nick Alexander says gas prices are competitive and argues the $20 membership will be offset by the money otherwise spent driving around looking for the best prices.

"L.A. is by far the No. 1 spot we've had for requests for our service."

Senior petroleum analyst for, Patrick DeHaan says Yoshi won't replace traditional gas stations.

 "My belief is that many gas station visits aren't just solely for fuel but for a trip to the convenience store to pick up items. There's a lot of annoyances with some of the business models — like leaving keys or providing access to your car — that some won't find worth it. Over a decade ago we were told robots would replace fueling our vehicles, and here we stand today still doing it ourselves. It may come down to control: Motorists want control of their pump price, their vehicle, their experience."

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