People Facing Deportation Have Legal Fund

People in Los Angeles County who may face deportation now have a big bank account backing them up thanks to a 4-1 vote by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. 

County officials authorized $3 million for legal assistance for immigrants on Tuesday for those people who are facing deportation. However, illegal immigrants who have violent criminal pasts will not be eligible to use the fund. 

The money will be dispersed through the newly created L.A. Justice Fund in which the city of L.A. will add an additional $2 million. 

An additional $5 million has been pledged by private donations. That brings it close to the fund's $10 million goal. 

Some critics say the fund didn't go far enough. They say legal representation should be extended to those people convicted of, or appealing, a violent felony conviction. That would include crimes like murder, rape, sexual assault, carjacking, extortion and more.

In order to qualify for the fund, people need to have close ties to Los Angeles County whose family members are U.S. citizens, or lawful permanent residents with community ties, or those who qualify under DACA. 

Heads of a household with one or more dependents, children, and veterans along with victims of domestic violence or human trafficking will also be considered. 

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