Man Sent Home from Work for Wearing Shorts, Comes Back in a Dress

So we've all seen the new wave of men's fashion meant to be both stylish and cooling during the heatwave.

2017 has blessed us with rompers for men:

A classier take with men's lace shorts:

The...uh....creative combination of man bod and women's one-piece swimsuit:

And to combine the two, man face meets romper:

However, what if you don't want to veer too far into the hard fashion and just don't want to sweat and uncomfortable?

You could always wear a tasteful navy short/button down combo.....unless you live in Aylesbury, England.

While SoCal has been facing it's own heatwave, England has been doing just as bad with temps of over 34°C (~93.2°F).

When call center worker Joey Barge tried to wear shorts to the office, he was sent home for violating the company dress code.

Making the point that women had more clothing options available to them, Joey decided to take the code on and returned to work in a more...elegant option.

Joey says he thought he would be sent home again, but instead received a minor victory with an email saying men can have their shorts and wear them too.

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