Huntington Beach Stirs Record Breaking Wave of Olympic Enthusiasm

More than 500 Southern California surfers are now the proud owners of a Guinness World Record after participating in the largest surf paddle-out. 

The record was officially made on Tuesday afternoon when 511 surfers formed a circle and held hands for one minute while hanging loose in Huntington Beach. Surfers chanted "USA, USA" while paddling-out into the surf. 

"We had people come in from across the country," Dianna Dee said. Dee helped organize Tuesday's surfer's circle of honor. 

The group had to contend with some morning fog, strong currents and some large waves, but all in all, organizers called their event a success. 

The paddle-out was promoted as a way to celebrate surfing making it into the Olympic summer games for the first time in 2020. Los Angeles is lobbying hard to host the 2024 games, and Huntington Beach wants to host the surfing event if L.A. gets the nod. 

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