Electric Daisy Carnival Faces Death and Lawsuits

The Electric Daisy Carnival has been a staple event in Las Vegas for years, but has also been the site of two deaths that are eerily similar.

Over the weekend a 34-year-old Thousand Oaks man died of what appeared to be a heat-related illness after attending the first day of the event. 

Micheal Morse went to the festival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with two friends when he began to convulse and have seizures.

His wife, Jennifer Marshall says he was rushed to the medical tent on site and never made it to an actual hospital.

"At his death, his temperature was a 109.6".

Marshall also says her husband had been complaining of the heat and there were difficulties getting drinking water and there were issues getting an ambulance into the Speedway because of the traffic.

“The water stations – they did have had lines of over an hour for people to try to get water. This is just a senseless tragedy. It’s a senseless tragedy that could have been prevented.”

Two years ago, a UCI grad also died under similar circumstances.

Nicholas Austin Tom died after a mix of high temps and drugs caused him to collapse and suffer seizures and his parents have since issued a lawsuit against the festival organizers.

“Good Samaritan bystanders witnessed Nicholas seizing on the ground and foaming at the mouth and tried to help, but the music was too loud.”

Those who tried to help found a medical tent a half-hour after his initial seizure but there were no personnel inside. 

The suit alleges wrongful death and negligence and seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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