Dealing With Social Media Approval and Disapproval

Millennials are addicted to them.  Likes.  Hearts.  Emojis.  Comments.

But, as with all addictions, the craving is quite unhealthy.

Millennials, particularly girls, have become obsessed with posting pictures of themselves on social media, all in an attempt to receive positive attention and praise from their peers.  However, they are also extremely worried about receiving any negative attention on those social media platforms.

This obviously causes issues, as posts are likely to garner both responses, dropping millennials into the never-ending circle of posting pictures in an attempt to boost their self-confidence, which will only be blasted by the next negative comment.

Don't worry, though.  You can help your child.

Talk to them about their posts and the comments and feedback they receive from them.  Help them with their own self-confidence and self-image, and teach them to develop relationships with role models that are positive influences.  Also, teach them about the truths of media.  Finally, help them stop the never-ending circle that is looking for praise on social media.

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What if another millennial makes an inappropriate comment on your child's social media post?  Do you step in?  Do you talk to the kid?  Do you talk to their parent?

A listener emailed us, asking us the very same question.

Here is their message:

"I figured, since you have a daughter about the same age as mine, I would ask you how you’d handle the following situation. I loved your phone contract by the way.

My daughter is almost 15 and has an Instagram account. She recently posted a picture of herself and a friend on giant unicorn pool floaties. (Shannon would LOVE them) Now, we have told her no bathing suit selfies - that is really a thing - girls take pictures of their bodies in bikinis in the bathroom mirror with duck lips and booty up. GROSS. HOWEVER, this is not that. It was just a very modest shot of two friends in a pool with unicorns being silly. 

She gets lots of “double-taps” and heart eyes (shoot me), but THEN, some pubescent twerp boy Instagrammer, a peripheral friend to my daughter…. RATES her. WTF. 

Now, it’s a 9, so hey, it wasn’t a slam on her looks. BUT WHAT THE EVER-LOVING HELL are these boys doing rating the physical appearance of girls on Instagram?! I wanted to reach through that 5 inch screen and throttle him! Who is he to give a sliding scale of my daughter’s looks?! That kid probably weighs 86 pounds soaking wet and is riddled with pimples and halitosis. 

Apparently this goes on all. the. time. Some girls even ask for a rating. Have we not come further along the progressive trail of equality and respect with this next generation?! 

Do I call the parents? Do I publicly call him out on Instagram? Do I give him MY rating of HIM? Send him some books by Naomi Wolf or Gloria Steinem?

What would YOU do?"

What do you think they should do?

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