Weak sentencing means more crime in California

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California has become a breeding ground for criminals. The state's laws do nothing but embolden violent and dangerous people.

Why does Jerry Brown prioritize releasing prisoners over keep citizens safe? It makes no sense!

Michael Rushford, President of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, has issued a new press released headlined, "Weak Sentencing Causing More Crime In California:"

"The changes in California sentencing policy made over the past six years are resulting in major increases in both violent and property crime according to the Sacramento-based Criminal Justice Legal Foundation.  The Foundation cites FBI Uniform Crime reports for 2015 and 2016, which show increases in both violent and property crime in California.  The most recent report, released in January, indicates that of the state’s 69 largest cities, 46 had increases in violent crime in the first six months of 2016, including Los Angeles (+16.6%), Burbank (+50.7%), Riverside (+22.5%), and Pasadena (+18.1%)..."

Click here to read Rushford's full write-up, and check out his interview below from today's show:

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