Is San Francisco State University Hostile to Jews?

Students and Jewish community members filed a lawsuit against San Francisco State University and the Cal State's board of trustees alleging the campus has created a hostile environment for Jews.

The suit says "“often afraid to wear Stars of David or yarmulkes on campus, and regularly text their friends to describe potential safety issues.”

The lawsuit was comes after an incident in April 2016 when Jerusalem mayor, Nir Barkat was invited to speak on campus.

Protesters used bullhorns to yell “Intifada,” “Get the [expletive] off our campus,” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" as he gave his speech.

“SFSU has not merely fostered and embraced anti-Jewish hostility — it has systematically supported these departments and student groups as they have doggedly organized their efforts to target, threaten, and intimidate Jewish students on campus and deprive them of their civil rights and their ability to feel safe and secure as they pursue their education.” 

It also alleged that the school administrators have a history with not stepping in to stop these anti-Semitic incidents.

In 1994, a 10-foot tall mural was put in the student union building with Stars of Davids placed with dollar signs, skulls and the words "African Blood".

During a 2002 peace-rally, a group of students allegedly shouted “Hitler didn’t finish the job,” “Get out or we’ll kill you,” and “Go back to Russia” to the Jewish students who stood behind to clean up and hold a prayer service.

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