Heat Wave Prompts Flex Alert for Tuesday, Wednesday Afternoons

Thanks to the heat wave currently baking California, the operator of California's power grid has issued a 'Flex Alert' that will be in effect for Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. They're asking Californians to cut back on their electricity usage to ease demand. 

Issued by the California Independent System Operator, (Cal-ISO), the flex alert will be in effect between the hours of 2 and 9 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday - pretty much when everyone will be sweltering and turning on air conditioners to try and beat the heat. The agency notes that widespread air-conditioner use can put a strain on the grid. 

The heat wave, which is expected to peak on Tuesday, has shattered heat records all over Southern California. Death Valley will live up to its name as the National Weather Service is forecasting a high of 127 degrees. Other inland areas of Southern California could see triple digits. 

In an attempt to help Angelenos beat the heat, more than a dozen cooling centers will be open throughout Los Angeles until 10 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The hot weather is all thanks to a high-pressure system that's currently parked over the southwest region of the United States. Thankfully the end is in site as the heat wave will begin to abate somewhat, as we cool down a few degrees every day, starting on Wednesday. 

An excessive heat warning has been issued for the LA County portion of the San Gabriel mountains until 9pm on Wednesday and in the Antelope Valley until 9pm on Thursday. 

A heat advisory (a notch below the excessive heat warning) is in effect for the rest of Los Angeles county until 9 pm on Wednesday night. 

"Strong high pressure building across the southwestern states will  cause temperatures to climb well above normal in many parts of interior  Southwestern California through the middle of the week,'' according to an NWS  statement.

The weather service also issued warnings about keeping yourself cool while battling the heat.

"The very high temperatures will create a dangerous situation in which  there is an increased threat of heat-related illnesses,'' according to the  statement, which urged people who work outdoors to schedule strenuous activity  in the morning or evening and warned against leaving children, seniors and pets  in hot cars.

The heat has also contribute to several fires that have broken out across Southern California. Yesterday, firefighters battled an 850 acre wildfire in Big Bear that prompted road closures. Another fire broke out near Castaic Lake over the weekend that firefighters began to get under control on Monday. 

Officials are reminding people that they should never leave their car locked or unattended without checking for pets or children inside. 

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