Day care run at LA house where cocaine was sold

Everyone is always looking for their side-hustle, but it's probably best to avoid trafficking cocaine - or run an unlicensed day care center.

A federal criminal complaint was filed this month against 48-year-old Felipe Talamante accusing him of attempting to sell cocaine to an undercover agent. 

When the undercover officer and Talamante met for the exchange, the officer noticed children were playing in the home's front yard. When asked, Talamante told the undercover officer that an day care was being operated at the property.

More than 55 lbs of cocaine were seized from the residence and Talamante was arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. 

It's unknown if Talamante has an attorney. 

The city attorney's office asked a judge to declare the property a 'public nuisance' and wants the city to take the property away from Talamante. 

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