Aliso Canyon Gas Leak No Laughing Matter for Cedric the Entertainer


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Cedric the Entertainer is suing the Southern California Gas Company over the biggest gas leak in U.S. history. 

The well-known comedian claims in his suit that his family has suffered nausea, nosebleeds, vomiting and vertigo because of the leak. According to Cedric, SoCal Gas failed to replace an emergency safety valve in 1979 which led to the release of more than 100,000 tons of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. 

The massive gas leak was first discovered by SoCal Gas employees on October 23rd, 2015 when they determined gas was escaping from a well within the Aliso Canyon underground storage facility. It would take crews nearly four months to plug the well, but not before it became one of the single-worst natural gas leaks in history in terms of its environmental impact. 

In addition to the medical issues, Cedric claims the property values for his home has plummeted. 

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