Push to end lifetime registry for 'low-risk' sex offenders in California

Some criminal justice leaders, along with L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, are looking to overhaul the system by ending lifetime registry for low-risk sex offenders.

There are more than 105,000 people on the registry. Why is it bad to keep these people on the list? Read this bit from the L.A. Times about the struggle and the strife one registered man has to endure:

"It’s been nearly four decades since a 25-year-old Frank Lindsay landed on California’s sex offender registry after he pleaded no contest to improperly touching a girl under 14. He has not committed another crime since then, but state law requires Lindsay’s name to remain on the registry, which the public can see on government websites, for the rest of his life. The listing cost him a business and sustainable livelihood, subjected him to death threats, prevented him from visiting his daughter’s school and resulted in injuries when he was attacked by an angry, hammer-wielding stranger who broke into his home after seeing his name on the registry, according Lindsay, news accounts at the time and his attorney, Janice Bellucci..."

Why are we supposed to feel bad for this guy?!

D.A. Jackie Lacey told the Times:

“The state’s sex offender registry has lost significant value over time because it contains so many low-risk offenders with decades-old offenses. Our bill will improve public safety by creating a tiered system that will allow investigators to focus on those offenders who pose the greatest risk.”

Why does our state fight for the bad guys? Who fights for the victims and their families? Erin Runnion opposes this bill, SB 421. She founded the Joyful Child Foundation in 2002 after her 5-year-old daughter was molested and murdered:

“Californians should be able to find out if someone they met is a convicted sex offender before leaving a child in their care, or going with them on a date, or agreeing to tutor them, etc."

She's absolutely right. Our leaders are pretty disgusting these days.  Erin will joined us this afternoon to discuss her opposition to the bill:

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