Kevin de León says SB 54 will make California safer

Today Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, and California Senate pro Tempore Kevin de León gathered to sing the praises of Senate Bill 54.

SB 54 is Kevin de León's "California Values Act," which would prevent state law enforcement from working with federal immigration enforcement.  

De León and our leaders want to turn a blind eye to illegal criminals.  How's that for "values?" What's the value in disobeying federal law and putting our communities at risk?!

He went to say that there's no point in deporting criminals because they'll just end up coming back, and added that SB 54 will make the state safer:

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has threatened to pull money from "sanctuary cities" that hinder communication between local police and federal immigration authorities, but Former Attorney General Eric Holder says cutting off funding would be illegal and unconstitutional.

Chief Beck says he doesn't care how much money the feds threaten to pull from Los Angeles.  He wants residents to be able to trust the police and says his officers won't act as de facto immigration agents.

Eric Holder, Charlie Beck, and Kevin de León... 

That is one unholy trio.

Andrew Mollenbeck was at the news conference today and reports:

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