As the Temperatures Go Up, So Does Death Valley's Tourism

Most people do everything possible to beat the heat by staying inside, going for a swim or drinking something cool.

Others like to go IN THE TOTAL OPPOSITE DIRECTION and head to Death Valley.

Yes, that Death Valley...the place named as such because it is considered to be the hottest place in America.

The temps in Death Valley average over 100°F this time of year. 

Weather officials say Death Valley will reach temperatures of up to 124°F this week.

This begs the question....WHY????

Commercial photographer Ed Carreon says while some think the heat is a horrible thing, but others take joy in being in the extreme weather.

“Some people consider being out there in those conditions a kind of suffering. Other people can get a kind of euphoria, or a reward, out of it. As a younger man, I would go out there to test myself.” 

Reports also say that business shoots up this time of year as many people from Germany, France, Sweden and other places go to Death Valley to experience heat never seen in Europe.

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