SoCal is So Hot with the First Heat Wave of the Season

Summer seems to be finally here and it's getting crazy hot as Southern California is entering it's first real heatwave of the season.

Weather service officials say temperatures are only continuing to soar and may enter into the triple digits in most areas.

So besides moving to Antarctica, here are a few tips to survive the heat!

  • Avoid a lot of strenuous activity...if you have to do a lot of physical work, try to get it done early in the morning when it's cooler out.
  • Find a cool place to relax...spend time inside where the air conditioning is as free flowing as the shade.
  • Stay hydrated...even if you aren't thirsty, your body needs water!
  • Dress sensibly...ditch the heavy fabrics and wear lightweight clothes to avoid overheating.

As for the furrier friends of our family, Jennifer spoke to Pasadena Humane Society President Julie Bank on how to keep pets cool. 

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