Funeral held for LA firefighter killed in ladder fall

Kelly Wong, the firefighter who died after a fall during a training exercise was laid to rest today in a ceremony held at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Firefighters from all over Southern California gathered together to mourn their colleague. 

Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke to the mourners who gathered to honor the 29-year-old firefighter. 

"We are here today in this city of angels to celebrate the life of an  angel,'' Garcetti told the mourners. "Celebrating -- each one of us -- the  courage and the hopes that we have, and to feel for a moment this love that surrounds us."

"To Kelly's family, I know you feel only sad and dull right now. I  think all of us feel a piece of that, but you more deeply than anybody. But I  hope you, too, also feel what love this has unleashed, an uncontrollable love,  a love that has no limit; a love that encompasses the reflection of four  million grateful people and beyond; the brotherhood and sisterhood of  firefighters everywhere; the first responders; and of this city which depends  on the courage and -- depended on the courage of Kelly for us to live the lives  that we do,'' Garcetti said.

Wong fell from an aerial ladder during a training exercise on June 3rd, and died two days later. He had been with the Fire Department for year years. 

He is survived by a wife, Danielle, and an infant son, Colton. 

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