California approves massive $183.2 billion budget

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Yesterday state lawmakers approved a $183.2 billion budget which Governor Brown is expected to sign before the new fiscal year starts on July 1.

Here's a bit of it:

  • School spending will go up 4.2% to $74.5 billion
  • UC funding will increase by $131.2 million
  • Cal State gets an additional $162.3 million
  • Dam rules will be strengthened 
  • The shady bill to make recall timelines longer was approved, a direct result of Josh Newman
  • $546 million in tobacco tax money will be used to reimburse doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers
  • Nearly $50 million will go to expanded legal services for illegal aliens

Senate Pro Tem Kevin de León said:

“This is a budget for all Californians. It protects our state’s fiscal stability while also making historic investments in education and our state’s infrastructure, both which are critical to keep our economy moving and growing.”

$2.8 billion from the the car and gas tax passed in April will go to "transportation needs." Most of that money, $1.7 billion," will go to "local street, road, and transit projects."

We'll see how that part plays out. 

Read more at the L.A. Times.

State lawmakers also voted to gut the California Board of Equalization yesterday. The Board collects taxes and allows elected representatives to settle taxpayer disputes.

The Board has been stripped of nearly all of its power and will be replaced with two new departments. George Runner, who was a member on the Board of Equalization, joined us today to explain what this all means:

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