Psychic Hit By Car, Doesn't See it Coming

In a ironic turn of events, a psychic was hit by a car but says he didn't see it coming...literally.

Blair Robertson was sitting inside a Canadian restaurant when out of no where a car slammed into the building, pinning him against the wall.

"A lot of times we can't even read our own lives and that's just how it works." 

He was with a friend who is also a psychic eating lunch when the incident happened.

"I see my table flying up. My friend disappears behind the table. Next thing you know I'm flying in the air and then I land. ... The car grabbed my leg and pull me back down. It pinned my leg under the car in a very weird position.''

Robertson was left with an injured rib, swollen leg, whiplash and multiple bruises.

Police investigating say the 85-year-old woman driving the car was not impaired.

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