GOP baseball shooter James Hodgkinson interviewed at 2011 'Occupy' protest

More details are coming out about James Hodgkinson, the crazy man who shot 5 people yesterday morning during practice for a baseball charity game. One of the people who was shot was Congressman Steve Scalise.

Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders fanatic, hated Trump with a passion, lived in his van, creeped out nearly everyone he met, and had a history of awful abuse toward his family.

He was briefly interviewed by FOX 2 St. Louis in 2011 during an "Occupy" protest in downtown St. Louis:

"The 99 percent are getting pushed around and the one percent don't give a damn.  So, we got to speak up for the whole country."

Hodgkinson wounded Rep. Scalise and several others yesterday when he walked onto the baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia and opened fire with a rifle.

Thankfully the shooter was killed and none of the victims died. The FBI confirmed the 66-year-old gunman's identity yesterday and continue to look through his crazy social media history and personal history.

Thank God this creep is gone.

Read more at FOX 2 St. Louis.

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