UPDATED: 2 LA police cars stolen, 3 suspects arrested after crashes

(Update June 15 4:15pm)

LAPD Chief Beck has ordered a review of the cadet program after police cruisers were stolen. Beck says three cadets have been booked for the theft. 

Beck says three police cruisers were taken and that the cadets also had two tasers, two radios and a bulletproof vest. Beck says they may have had one of the cruisers for two weeks and the cadets may also have impersonated police while they had the cruisers. 

Their joyride has come to an end. Three teens are under arrested after being accused of stealing two LAPD cruisers. 

Police chased the two SUVs in South LA on Wednesday night, which led to two chases and three crashes. One crash was because a police officer crashed into another driver on the road. Another crash happened after one of the stolen cruisers crashed into a building. The other stolen SUV was also involved in an accident when it hit a woman - who was only slightly hurt according to LAPD Captain Robert Long. 

Police said neither of the stolen police cruisers contained weapons when it was stolen. 

Officials say they're checking for dash-cam video. 

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