Video: Seven Year Old Girl Travels the US to Hug Police Officers

A little girl from Louisiana is traveling across the country to hug police officers in every state.

Rosalyn Baldwin says she knows that the relationship between the public and the boys in blue hasn't been the best and wanted to make officers feel better.

She has met with members of the Chicago Police Department's mounted, bicycle and marine units, their department command staff and Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham at Maggie Daley Park.

Graham says they appreciate her enthusiasm.

"The police have been scrutinized lately. It's certainly nice to show that somebody cares about us and wants to tell us." 

Chicago Police Officer Micheal Carroll says Rosalyn's mission makes him happy.

"I have two kids at home, a boy and a girl. They tell me every day they love me. To have someone from so far away say the same thing just because I'm an officer truly meant a lot."

Illinois was Roaslyn's 16th stop and began her trek back in January.

She and her family are planning on traveling for several months, eventually heading into Alaska and Hawaii.

If you want to follow along with Rosalyn's trip, check out her Facebook---Rosalyn Loves.

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