Half-naked dead woman allegedly dragged off American Airlines flight

A woman who was found unresponsive in the bathroom of an American Airlines flight was allegedly half naked from the waist down and dragged off the flight by an EMT before she died on board. 

The passenger was identified as 48-year-old Theresa Hines from Texas. 

There seems to be some conflicting accounts as to how the emergency crew handled the situation.

One witness says "emergency workers should have covered the woman" because she was naked from the waist down when she was removed.

Another passenger, Dave Sampsell disagrees:

“She was not half-naked. Her pants were unfastened, but I saw nothing that any of the airline or EMT staff did inappropriately.”

A statement from American Airlines says:

"The crew of Flight 2423 from DFW to Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) found one of our passengers in medical distress prior to landing. They, along with several medical professionals, provided onboard medical assistance to her. Our crew declared an emergency landing and requested that paramedics meet the flight. The paramedics worked immediately to remove our passenger from the aircraft and provide her with medical aid, but unfortunately, they were unable to revive her. We are deeply saddened by this event and our thoughts and prayers go out to our passenger's loved ones. We're grateful for the response of our highly trained flight attendants and our customers who assisted our passenger until first responders arrived.

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