'Brain Hacking' and why you are addicted to your electronic devices

(Co-founder of Dopamine Labs, Ramsay Brown, talks about Mind Control APIs and the future and ethics of persuasive machines.)

( Former Google Product Manager, Tristan Harris on '60 Minutes' with Anderson Cooper to talk about how tech companies get users to get stuck on their phone.)

Computer programmer and co-founder of 'Dopamine Labs,' Ramsay Brown, joins us to discuss how tech companies are trying to control the amount of time you spend on your phone, something he calls 'Brain Hacking.' Brown studied neuroscience to understand how the brain works in order to write computer codes to get the brain to do certain things. For example, the number of likes you get on Facebook or Instagram releases a happy feeling hormone called dopamine in your brain and triggers you into wanting to check up and want more.  It could be the reason why people are constantly glued to their screens. 

Check out the podcast below for our full interview with Ramsay Brown.

Read Brown's full interview on 'Brain Hacking' with Anderson Cooper on cbsnews.com . . . and make sure you put that phone down. 

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