Tucker Doesn't Let A Genetic Disorder Get Him Down

My husband is annoyed with me.

He loves animals as much as I do, but I'm constantly checking out animal videos online, some which, even though they end up happy, bring me to tears.

He thinks it's stupid to subject myself to that.

I, however, watch these videos to remember several things.  One, that people and animals can overcome obstacles and live happy lives and two, despite some of the horrible things humans do to animals that there are always good people out there. (This, by the way is not one of those stories of abuse, so don't worry.)

These videos remind me how much I hate people sometimes, but they can also renew my faith in humanity.

Remember, as Mr. Rodgers says, "Always look for the helpers."

So, I want you to meet Tucker.  

Tucker suffers from a rare genetic disorder that causes deformities.

He also is albino, which causes him problems with his eyesight, so he has special goggles to wear to help him see better.

There was a time that a pup like Tucker would have been euthanized immediately, or languished in a shelter for months.  But these days more and more people are adopting pets with special needs and those pets are going on to lead long and happy lives.  

Tucker and the family that rescued him are not bothered by his special needs, and this short video proves that he is obviously very much loved and well cared for. He a very happy and active pup!

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