It might get harder to rent your apartment on AirBNB

The Los Angeles City Council will consider enacting regulations for so-called 'short-term rentals' like Airbnb and HomeAway. 

The City Council will hold a hearing on Tuesday afternoon during which the Los Angeles Planning and Land Use Management Committee will discuss a new ordinance that would limit the amount of nights an Airbnb host could rent out their homes. 

The new ordinance would limit the number of rooms a host can rent out in their home, as well as put a cap on how many nights the hosts can share their home to 180 days per year. 

The proposed ordinance would also put a ban on homeowners using vacation rentals and second homes for short-term rentals. 

Online rental sites like Airbnb have come under fire by critics who say the platform removes rental inventory from the market and pricing people out, aggravating LA's housing crisis. 

Others complain about guests who don't necessarily live locally coming and going at all hours turning their neighborhood into a hotel. 

Those against the ordinance say hosts rely on the income it generates and allows people to afford their mortgages. 

The hearing is set to begin later this afternoon at 2:30pm at City Hall. 

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