SoCal Powerball Ticket Makes Someone $447 Million Richer

A Powerball ticket worth $447.8 million was sold in Southern California and is the 10th largest lottery prize in US history.

The California lottery said in a statement that the ticket was sold at Marietta Liquor & Deli in the city of Menifee. 

Store owner Matthew Alberre says he doesn't know who the lucky winner is or what he and his family plan to do with the $1 million bonus his establishment will receive for selling the winning ticket. 

“Starting out the year, it seemed like it was going to be the worst year in the world, and six months later, our store hit the Powerball. We’re very, very grateful for this to happen to our store.” 

Many are trying to speculate who the new mega millionaire is, mostly hoping for a cut of the take.

President of the Sun City Civic Association's board Armand Blais says many hoped the winner lived in their community.

“We’re hoping they’re a parishioner and they’ll bring us a check tomorrow.”

Lottery officials say the ticket holder can claim the prize as early as 8 am today or have one year to claim the money.

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